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About Us

We started Nude York Yoga in November 2010 to carry on the tradition of nude yoga for men in New York City started by Hot Nude Yoga. Our goal is to foster community and provide a safe space that is free of judgment, where you are free to be your true beautiful self— inside and out—in you most natural state ... Nude!

Nude York Yoga is a communal practice rich in the teachings of Tantra, breath, alignment and brotherhood. We are a welcoming, supportive community and a warm challenging environment for you to deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga allows you to remove obstacles that obscure who you really are, obstacles that hold you back from moving in the direction you want to go, obstacles that block your inner light and true essence.

Join us and discover the infinite potential of your body, the power of your mind and the beauty of your soul.


About the Practice

Drawing on the Tantric and Iyengar yoga traditions, Nude York Yoga provides the space for you to grow your practice and begin to break through the deeply rooted patterns that hold you back from blossoming in all aspects of your life.

At Nude York Yoga we explore…

Asana — the postures and the physical practice of yoga. It doesn’t matter how flexible you are (or are not). The physical practice isn’t about whether you can touch your toes, stand on your head, or master postures. It’s about learning to skillfully move your body through its appropriate range of motion.

Partner yoga — explore the dance between being in control and letting go as you work with another yogi to support each other, assist each other and breathe together as one in the present moment.

Pranayama — Expand and balance your prana, the energy or life force within us all, and collect the scattered forces of your mind.

Mantra — chanting divine sounds that emanate from higher levels of reality teaches your mind to focus on one point, cultivating an unshakable steadiness.

Meditation — sometimes we are afraid of stillness, of silence, but when you quiet your mind and let go, out of the resulting calmness what is needed, emerges.

As you deepen your yoga practice, you become a steady force in a chaotic world.